you:create….acrostic style

And I find my heart aching

For I long to see your sunrise

Run on the dirt paths

Inhale the mountain air

Carry your children with love

And come home

do you see the hidden message? 🙂

p.s. i’d love to read your own acrostic poems or something creative so add one in the comments or link up!


10 thoughts on “you:create….acrostic style

  1. Before I saw the hidden message I knew it was Africa. Sunrise was close, but when you said “run on the dirt paths,” it immediately brought ME back to South Africa too. One of my favorite memories of being in South Africa is just being there.

    • 🙂 love that you get it. just being places is usually the part that gets my heart…not the doing or the “work” but the day to day living.

  2. ok, ok…. so I”m finally catching up with you over here and I felt So cool thinking I got AFRICA and then came over to comment and realized that so did everyone else, so maybe I’m not that cool after all…
    beautiful, beautiful.
    this place….. just lovely!

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