light, fluffy side

since i know that the other post didn’t quite fit with the light, fluffy side of life and friday…here’s a little balance:

if we met in real life….
you’d find out that i rarely blow dry my hair. it’s either up or braids or curly air dried.
you’d probably hear me reference something/someone “happy” and i’d say “haibo” in there somewhere.
you’d find sunglasses as a permanent fixture on top of my head.
you’d see that i carry a BIG purse with lots of stuff in it like a bible and a book and a journal for sure.
you’d see my necklace which has now turned into a smattering–a cute etsy necklace with a map of africa which i got from a friend, a heart from a friend, and a knock off version of a tiffany’s cross that i bought myself when i first became a christian.

your turn to share!


7 thoughts on “light, fluffy side

  1. If we were in-person-friends, you would see that I play with my hair all. the. time. I twirl it, put it up, put it down. It’s a (bad) habit. You would know that I only ever carry a purse that goes over my (left) shoulder. I talk too much about things that don’t concern you or that don’t matter, and I know it, but I do it anyway. When I’m nervous or bored I play with my earring (only the one on my right ear). And I crack nearly every bone in my body throughout the day, but it’s a MUST before bed. Also, you might notice that I brush my teeth all the time throughout the day. I can’t stand to have anything on my teeth or any flavor other than minty fresh.. So of course, I have to brush before exercising too. I don’t know why, I just do.

    • I SO do the earring thing, but even worse is that I play with my necklace…the cross seriously has indents from being spun around so many times.
      I randomly crack my ankles and wrists (hello tennis player)..but i hate the sound!
      ha, i would love to be on one of those convos where you just start talking about things…i so am the type to have like 4 different topics all going on at once when talking to someone and bounce around between them 🙂

  2. if we met you’d say:
    im an extreme extrovert.
    im very animated when i talk.
    im always wearing flipflops or sometimes sneakers.
    i literally laugh out loud (sometimes really loud).
    my hair is always in a ponytail (coz its wavy).
    in my bag:
    my nails are clipped short. always. i hate it when they grow long.
    i don’t wear make up…if necessary then i wear lipgloss and eyeliner. that’s it.

    • love the flip flops!! bare foot is even better. i even wear them in winter…
      i go in phases of wearing makeup…but even when i do it’s just eye shadow, mascara and maybe lip gloss if i’m feeling it. i love mascara though. makes me feel extra pretty.
      i so think we all need to laugh more! i found myself laughing so much today at work and it’s such a mood booster 🙂

  3. …you’d laugh at my Spanglish.

    …you’d see that lately I can’t get enough of wearing headbands.

    …you’d realize that finding Campbell’s soup meant a need for me to stock up.

    …you’d notice I change my voice when I speak Spanish to strangers.

    …you’d hear a funny story about something that happened at school

    • missing you, friend. glad we have “met” in real life, but i so miss the day to day life with you. i vote that road trip happens….or at least something! 🙂

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