friday fifteen

fifteen words of what’s on my heart now and where my heart is at:

hands open

your heart’s “now” in 15 words….ready.set.go.

ht: mandy thompson

my water’s edge

jostling. crowds. tangled arms. babies crying. hungry eyes. thirsty to hear Jesus speak. crowding the water’s edge.


because He starts speaking and every ear strains to hear the peace laden words.

dawn. misty waters. thick air. stillness. stomach. growling for breakfast. a figure. on the beach.


frantic kicking because Jesus is risen and waiting at the water’s edge.

quiet heart. curling up. listening. waiting. loving. brushing aside hair. a whisper.


He calls me by name because I am His and He is meeting me at my water’s edge.


heart, play it loud

i’m so this girl….who can’t seem to play it loud enough to sing out my heart

“i just saw halley’s comet. she waved.”–second chances by shinedown –catchy tune and gotta love comets and stars.

“i don’t know what else to do and bring my brokenness to you” —where could i go by adie -the beginning is hauntingly beautiful and heart hitting…

“there is power in the name of jesus to break every chain.” —break every chain by will regean and the united pursuit band –hello freedom.

“it’s never too late to get back up again” —get back up by toby mac –pump up.

“i’ve shown her photographs of time beginning. walked her through the parted seas. angel lullabyes, no more teary eyes. who could love her like this?” —i will carry you by selah –makes me cry…

“your nearness is all that i am waiting for here in the quiet place. here in the secret place” —where i belong by cory asbury –going home..

“it’s been a long night and i’m weary…in the middle of the night, my heart it yearns.”–i am yours by misty edwards –thirsty for a little more jesus

“i was broken and you mended me. i was ashamed, you called me beautiful. i was a thief, you said i stole your heart.” —forever and a day by anthony skinner —speaking truth.

“i’ve gotta fight today…i’ve gotta make a stand” —hero by skillet –love this beat so much.

“you are more than the choices that you’ve made, you are more than the sum of the past mistakes, more than the problems you create, you’ve been remade.”–you are more by tenth avenue north —standing on being remade.

“everything i ever wanted i found in you.”–i could run away by matt gilman–perfect soak it up and chill and peace song.

“you’re crazy beautiful. in the eyes of a king we are beautifully made.”--crazy beautiful by chasen –happy go lucky

“thinking about these words. do they fit any how, do they come together. what do they mean….sink or swim, drowning within you…”–drown by chasen –stuck on this song…not even sure fully why or even what it is about the lyrics, but it just hits my heart….if you could figure it out for me…that would be fabulous, please let me know!

“and the the stars are singing out the glory of your wondrous love, heaven’s reaching down to show me all that you have done. healer of my heart come burn away the dark. in the soft twilight, i can hear your voice tonight.”–stars are singing by mainstay –back on that star and comet thing…love it.

“there is a trace of you in every hallelujah every song i sing and for love of you i’m a sky on fire and because of you i come alive.” —for love you by audrey assad

“you have stolen my heart. i’m captivated by you…i’ve fallen deeply in love with you.”–deeply in love by hillsong –the way certain parts are sung is just plain beautiful.

love any of these songs too? what song is capturing your heart? what else should i add to my play list?

put off my rags and clothed me with gladness

1446. walking and talking

1454. softball hits!

1458. changing the station to christian music

1470. hearing the birds in the morning while watching the sunrise

1480. worship at a wedding

1484. watching the storm roll in and even seeing some hail

1488. the smell of rosemary on biscuits

1489. lovely sunday with my church family

1491. a surprise present(the africa picture frame!) at church that made my heart soar

1492. little girls running up to give me hugs

1495. getting lost in worship

1500. hitting send

I’m still counting it all joy and thanking God….where have you seen or found joy?

that’s cool

Leadership development is one of those buzz words that gets tossed around along with mentoring and raising up leaders and delegating.  Okay, maybe they all aren’t buzz words, but the point is still in there somewhere.

Once again, while reading in John (I promise…I read other things too like Psalms, Proverbs, and even Zechariah lately!), I saw something that stuck out in a ohhhh that’s cool kind of way because yes, I do talk out loud sometimes when reading the bible.

Now, if you’re still reading….here’s the part:

“Therefore when the Lord knew that the Pharisees had heard that Jesus was making and baptizing more disciples than John (although Jesus Himself was not baptizing, but His disciples were)…” John 4:1-2

Well, now, look at that. Right from the beginning, Jesus set into motion a leadership style where his disciples got right in on the action and were learning hands-on.  I love that!  Getting right in the foray of life alongside Jesus rather than just watching. Just a thought…I’m sure there’s more packed in that little parentheses-ed part, but that’s the little nugget that stuck out today.

What has stuck out in what you’ve been reading?

p.s. it’s friday!!!!


“When you stop for a minute and create something, accomplish something, finish a goal that would in some way fulfill a yearning you have inside, you are giving yourself the space to be you. To express yourself. To feel good about something you want to do rather than all those things you have to do….Whatever makes you feel alive and creative and YOU”

This week sneaked up on me, but I love what I ended up doing.

I ran.

6.47 kilometers (4 miles).

I hit the road with an idea of where to go, but all at once with the freedom to choose my course. I wound my way around a pretty lake with the sun setting in the background toward a trail with trees and the cute little place where kids fish and booked it up a little hill so that I could run on some dirt and feel like I was in the heart of trees in Africa where we went paint balling and kept going toward the road to where I gave my last ditch effort to end right in front of my tree. All the while listening to a mixture of Jesus Culture and Lion King.  I prayed. I got lost in the moment. I re-memorized 1 Corinthians 13 in the amplified version. I let everything fade away until I was the one leaning back to hear His heartbeat.

That made me feel alive.

I created a happy place. A running route that made me smile. A play list that fit the mood.

What have you created this week?

the disciple jesus loved

I’m on my 9th time reading through John. Remember that little challenge? Well, I’m still chipping away at it slowly and steadily.

Yesterday, I took some time to soak up the sun and read a bit more in another book that I am absolutely loving: Abba’s Child by Brennan Manning. Fabulous read and has my mind going so many directions! But, that’s for another day…for today, these lines stuck out:

“What a world of difference lies between knowing about someone and knowing Him! …In a flash of intuitive understanding, John experiences Jesus as the human face of the God who is love. And in coming to know who the Great Rabbi is, John discovers who he is–the disciple Jesus loved.”

Now back up to those other 8 times reading through this book and the times before this challenge.  Whenever I read about how John referred to himself as “the disciple Jesus loved” well….yeah, I thought that was a bit…odd…maybe just a tad arrogant.

Except, now I get it! Of course, he would call himself that! Because that’s the core of who he really is, how he sees himself, and the defining factor in his life.  Stripped away are the other questions like what do you do, what’s your name, who is your family, what do you want to do. No, no, no. all of it boils down to…Jesus loving him.  Now, that turns my heart because I sure don’t want to just know all the words, so I press on to know Jesus and I choose that I am known as “Hephzibah“…the one Jesus delights in. Now, that. changes my perspective. no longer arrogant…but godly.

How did/do you see the words “the disciple Jesus loved”?

i was a thief, you said i stole your heart

I was alone til you called my name

I was broken, you mended me

I was ashamed, you called me beautiful

I was a thief, you said I stole your heart

I am yours and you are mine

“Those who have been ransomed by the LORD will return. They will enter Jerusalem singing, crowned with everlasting joy. Sorrow and mourning will disappear, and they will be filled with joy and gladness.” Isaiah 35:10

*forever and a day by anthony skinner