it’s a blender!

That delicious goodness in the beautiful Starbucks travel coffee mug (which by the way, took me quite a long time to find one I liked) is a blended vanilla chai tea with rice milk.  I even made it in my brand new blender which was on sale! To which as I opened I said, “It’s a blender!” in honor of my lovely 24/7 director from last year (love her).  After that, I whipped this tasty little thing up, opened up the sliding door, let my dog come with me, and plopped down on a chair on the deck to enjoy a little sun. Okay, a lot of sun. I have a bit of a glow on my shoulders to prove it.  Settled into reading The Bait of Satan by John Bevere only to find myself saying, “Amen.” and “So true.” and “Ohh…..” Now, that’s what I call a little creativity mixed with a little time to be me and a lotta keep on pressing on toward God.

So, what have you done lately for you? Did you create something this week?

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