the lines blur

The carpet cleaners came yesterday. My room needless to say was not quite in a state where others could come and well, see the floor let alone clean it. I go in streaks of “clean” and tend to like making piles of things like clothes and books.

What started as a little cleaning turned into full blown organizing, throwing away, piling to sell/giveaway, and then rearranging my furniture!  In the midst of all this, I found this “pretty” little, um, bracelet or hair binder or something? Last year, with my girlies we took a night to learn how to crochet.  I think it was supposed to be a mitten.  That was as far as I got and let me tell you…if you could see the stitches (is that even what they’re called!?) you would know they are messy and not pretty!  But, I wore it on my wrist all night to remind me…

At this time last year, my life was a bit like that bracelet. Looking good from a distance, but up-close there were gaping holes, extra string, hasty attempts to cover parts, skipped rows…but the thing is that God didn’t leave me like that. He’s the one who exposed the things I tried to hide, ripped out the lies, filled in my holes, made rows of truth, and used it all for good.

He’s still doing that in my life and will continue this good work until completion. Just like with my room, He’s throwing out some junk that’s stayed in my heart, exposing more lies, bringing in the new, resurrecting dreams, and teaching me to keep laying things at His altar.

I’m so thankful that He keeps saying to me…

“yes, I love you right here, right now, but I’m not going to just let you stay in the muddy pit, baby girl, I’m going to take you out, and transform you into who I created you to be because when I see you, the lines blur between you and me.”


Is God doing a little heart work in you to blur the lines?

How can I be praying for you?