my heart captured a moment.

my legs criss crossed. she fit with room to spare. she settled in skin on skin with her lungs still working hard. i knew she had spun and spun in circles during the last song. spinning recklessly as little girls do best. she spun in His love as His daughter. yet, now, He was calling her to come close. to not be afraid. to hear the “i love you.” to melt into her abba’s arms. to tell him what’s on her heart.  to rustle and raise her little arm into the air.

faith like child.

3 thoughts on “heart-moments-of-joy

  1. “she fit with room to spare.”
    “spinning recklessly as little girls do best.”

    I absolutely LOVE this. What a beautiful picture of freedom and love and joy.

    • aw, thanks! she was a super cute little girl and i’m so thankful that god’s already showing her that freedom, love, and joy!

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