“When you stop for a minute and create something, accomplish something, finish a goal that would in some way fulfill a yearning you have inside, you are giving yourself the space to be you. To express yourself. To feel good about something you want to do rather than all those things you have to do….Whatever makes you feel alive and creative and YOU”

This week sneaked up on me, but I love what I ended up doing.

I ran.

6.47 kilometers (4 miles).

I hit the road with an idea of where to go, but all at once with the freedom to choose my course. I wound my way around a pretty lake with the sun setting in the background toward a trail with trees and the cute little place where kids fish and booked it up a little hill so that I could run on some dirt and feel like I was in the heart of trees in Africa where we went paint balling and kept going toward the road to where I gave my last ditch effort to end right in front of my tree. All the while listening to a mixture of Jesus Culture and Lion King.  I prayed. I got lost in the moment. I re-memorized 1 Corinthians 13 in the amplified version. I let everything fade away until I was the one leaning back to hear His heartbeat.

That made me feel alive.

I created a happy place. A running route that made me smile. A play list that fit the mood.

What have you created this week?


9 thoughts on “create:YOU

  1. Love it! It’s so true that we can create a happy place, a place near Him, a place where every thing else seems to fade away and pale in comparison to His greatness!

  2. Hmm. That’s much better than mine. I ate.

    Just kidding. That’s awesome!! I’m not a runner but I am a road-biker, so I get how peaceful and calming that can be. So glad you could make the time for you!

    • ohhh you better believe i ate after i ran!! and i’m a road biker too! so fun meeting others who love to go hit the road and get lost in that way too…similar yet so different all at once.

    • i’m so glad you created the challenge with lots of room to adjust and be creative even in deciding how to create because i seem to like to push the walls of the box 🙂

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