to love well

When I find myself lingering, not wanting to leave, and soaking up every moment, that’s when I know that I am taking life in deeply.  I feel SO good in my skin.  I shed those layers and walls that sometimes get in the way to find me.

The me with the legs that haven’t been shaved, who wears sunglasses on her head, sports a watch tan line, listens to kids tell crazy stories, laughs about praying that the ball will make it to the pitcher, shares her heart, and lets everything fade away except whoever is talking.  Me being me. Sharing and loving on others by being just who I am, totally in my element.  Gone is the nervous spinning of my necklace, looking at my cell phone, or driving away.

Last night, I found myself there…realizing that part of living well, feeling good in my skin and breathing in life includes knowing that I will greatly miss the people around me…because to love well includes that ache for home which made me realize that the twisting stomach ache for this home will be deep in its own way…

and that is a beautiful thing.

how do you know when you’ve loved well?

p.s. like my addition to my necklace? my darling friend gave it to me…it’s a map with south africa. and that my friends, makes my heart happy. africa, a heart from june, and a cross with a story around my neck.