my heart finds joy in its many homes

often they come and they go

but no matter how far away they are

my heart carries them

and while they are here

my cup tries to soak up every moment

to tide the ache until they come again.


the lovely overwhelming weight that feels like nothing at all.

walking into a place with complete comfort and god-confidence

feeling safe

what love looks like

my people

being known

in to me you see

belonging, love, acceptance, no pretenses, no expectations, eager for growth

the heart beat that connects us together

being lifted up and lifting up

standing in the gap by talking to god about them

iron sharpening iron


what does home look like to you? where do you feel most at home?

*homes i’ve soaked up this weekend: tara, carrie, amy, liz, june (from skype at least!), africa (from memories and talking), antioch, god…my heart is very full…

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