my people…i’m overwhelmed at how god takes care of me

i just am overwhelmed at how much god takes care of me:

*being able to sit in the sun at a park to get some hugs and soak up real, raw, honest, authentic, and godly truth, love, and wisdom from a lovely woman of god. all of which strengthened and encouraged me.

*god giving me peace, words, and guts to actually say what needed to be said and move forward.

*a bike ride turned into dinner, conversation, and s’mores…being able to just go along with a family and be taken care of and loved on by them.

*a willing, patient, and ever so loving friend to eat some late night perkins food to keep me company when i don’t want to be alone

*all the texts, prayers, conversations, and outpouring of love and support

*being able to talk with lindo and his family and hear “i love you too much.”

*time playing with adorable little ones in the nursery to begin to heal the ache at church

*a simple, unasked for i’ll walk into church with you and sit with you…not to mention get you kleenex for those tears you’re pretending aren’t there and the come on, you gotta laugh at that look, and the prayer for a protector….

*knowing god is crying right beside me and He even laughs when I remember about my “defiled turkey” and how I don’t like kleenex and how tears cover my face and neck even when I am so determined at not crying and putting on a tough face…

*being held by my people and prayed over

*a chance to catch up with one of my interns

*a god-timed visit of two friends coming this week which will be complete with big hugs and a little getaway

*”Your love never fails, Your love never gives up, never runs out on me, confident in the change, higher than the mountains I face, overwhelms and satisfies my soul and I never have to be afraid”

4 thoughts on “my people…i’m overwhelmed at how god takes care of me

    • right when I think God can’t get better…He goes and blows my expectations out of the water! love you too girl and I am SO excited to give you a hug in 3 days!!

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