just love me.

all the things I feel I need to say

i can’t explain in any other way

every word you say i think i should write it down

don’t wanna forget come daylight

and no need to worry, that’s wasting time

and no need to wonder what’s been on my mind

it’s you, it’s you, it’s you

happy to lay here, just happy to be here, i’m happy to know you

paperweight cover me like a blanket

cause i’d rather be with you

say you want the same thing too

cause you are the one I’ve been waiting for today

here comes the sun

but I think everything is gonna be alright

yes, I hope everything is gonna be alright

and most kind of stories save the best part for last

and most stories have a hero who finds

you make your past your past

it’s a brand new day

you gotta fall in order to mend

So I crawl underneath my blanket where I can hide away

i know I can take it cause I see now

It’s just one of those days

you can plan for anything but expect the unexpected

so quit being sorry and just love me.


2 thoughts on “just love me.

    • ah, not my words. mismatched lyrics from joshua radin. but nonetheless, i love how well they come together even though they are from like 4 songs.

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