last week

i found myself

in the midst of a

beautiful day

yet somewhere along the way

my heart caught doubt

that needed to go

because His word reminded me

do not be anxious about


but in


by prayer

and petition

with thanksgiving

present your requests

to God


now i wish i could say

that the doubt

swooshed out the window

but these things, see, sometimes

they take time

and persistence

and patience

and standing firm on His promises

while being bold

and confident

in who I am in Christ

first and foremost

for this is a battle

and i’m here to fight

clinging to the hope

while exulting in the

victory already won


2 thoughts on “thanksgiving

  1. This reminds me of the promises God makes to us in Psalm 40:1-3. How He promises to set our feet on rock, provides a firm place for us to stand, how He hears our cry and gives us a new song in our mouth. He replaces our doubt with His comfort, our fears, with His love.


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