fabulous friday

*finally here

*freedom to schedule posts

*ferociously digging into the bible and using resources to search out matters of the heart and mind

*feeling love

*focusing on spiritual things

*for such a time as this

*finding new joy

*far fetched ideas

*faith filled stories

*fun posts

*fast typing

your turn! add some more fabulous friday fun phrases 🙂

2 thoughts on “fabulous friday

  1. * freedom in Christ (I know this is true all the time, if I live there, but I especially feel it now)

    * feeling joyful

    * frisky attitude

    * fresh (It’s just rained, which might be seen as a bad thing, but I’m looking at the positives)

    * freezing (well, not freezing, but it’s cooler because it’s rained!)

    * FRIDAY!!!!

    * finito, for now

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