i keep hearing this in church and repeating it to myself periodically:

“you can’t put earthly things above spiritual things and expect to grow spiritually.”

and every time it comes to mind…

i need to take a hard look at where my time is being spent.

am i wasting time on the internet?

am i investing in relationships?

am i spending time with Him?

where is my focus?

my heart aches for an uneven balance of spiritual things in my life.

i don’t want balance.

i want more of God.

so what’s that mean for me? less time on this lovely thing called the internet, going on more runs that end with prayer walks, and slowing down…

does it mean anything for you?


2 thoughts on “perspective.

    • ohhh yes…that’s always a good question to start thinking about. whether it’s convenience or desire! glad you’re digging in!

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