saying good-bye…

I’m a reader. I tuck a book in my purse just in case I have a spare moment. I don’t even know where my list of “to read” books is really at…I lost count when it went over 20.  Those aren’t even counting the ones that I have piled on my bookshelf in my room. All that to say, I love good books. Even more, I love when I get so wrapped up in a book that I finish it in a day or close to it. I’m just about to finish one tonight–I spent the night reading on the deck with some gorgeous sunny weather! But, I am not a fan of closing that last page…saying good-bye is always hard…even to a book.

So, what about you? Are you a reader? Have you read any fabulous books lately?


9 thoughts on “saying good-bye…

  1. I don’t know if “Ephesians” and “James” are the sort of answers you’re seeking, but those are fabulous books, as are many others of the same sort …

    Other great books I’ve been reading lately – “the Jesus you can’t ignore” (MacArthur), “Not by chance” (can’t remember, BJU publication), “Pierced for your/my? transgressions” (can’t remember again – pretty heavy stuff, doubt I’ll finish it). I have a few other books I’m part way through (yes, I’m that sort of reader), but I’ve been finding I’ve been doing a lot more reading of websites than books. eg.,,, etc

    By the way, I love finishing a book! I do experience a little of the disappointment you suggest when the book could have been longer or more comprehensive, but I’m happy to finish because if it was that good then I’ll start again (although usually not straightaway).

    • Ephesians and James are always good reads!
      Sounds like some interesting reading 🙂
      Ah, I always try to re-read books, but it usually doesn’t work for me!

  2. I read part of Redeeming Love (for the 2nd time), but when I went back for it, it’d been checked out. So i’m hoping to finish it when i get home! sometimes, when i finish a good book, i feel like i miss the characters, like there’s a friend i don’t get to see anymore!

  3. mmmm…. 🙂 I am a reader! I’m in the middle of a few good books actually. I don’t like that I start one while I’m reading another here is the list I’m in the middle of though…

    1. Green- Ted Dekker- (the last/first in his circle series. Incredible books).
    2. So you don’t want to go to church anymore- by Wayne Jacobson and Dave Coleman. Same publishers of the shack. About a guy who meets John (the disciple) in our day today.
    3. Crazy love- Francis Chan

    have you read any of those? And I feel the same somewhat sadness when I come to the close of a book, but excited to begin a new one. ha. ha.

    • I haven’t read the first two, but they sound good! I have read some of Ted Dekker and liked them for the most part.
      I really liked Crazy Love! So good.
      And yes, there is totally that excitement in starting a new one…bittersweet for sure

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