a little girl (joy)

seeing joy through the eyes of a little girl…

-doing handstands in the pool

-wrapping hair up in a towel

-using daddy’s shoulders as a launching board

-sitting on dad’s lap

-swimming all day


-coloring pictures to give away

-getting to pick out favorite snacks

-sliding down a railing

joy spreads. you can’t fit it inside a box and expect it to stay. it’s going to get out. a smile. a laugh. a peaceful moment. love displayed. that kind of joy touches everyone who can see it, experience, and live in it. even if it’s not your own.

have you seen joy in someone else lately?


4 thoughts on “a little girl (joy)

  1. I have found so much joy in receiving photos from my 5 month stay in africa 2 1/2 years ago. 🙂 i’ve been waiting since the day I got home for these photos and finally got them this week. Can’t stop looking at them!

    And the flowers where I live, are stunning. I find joy in those every single day, I can’t get over the fields of yellow that are taking over… 🙂 It’s absolutely incredible. Every day I am seriously blown away…

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