moms matter because…

last night while sitting in a car.

i heard a story about trains.

old ones.

see, apparently, when these old, rickety trains carried


loads of all sorts of things from people to steel to candy (i’m making this part of the story up)

their wheels turned


they actually started moving

so the wheels were moving, going, working…


the train actually progressed toward its destination

toward the next adventure

and by now, we’re all wondering how this has to do with why mom’s matter

well, unless, of course, you’re the type to not read titles

then you’re like where did that come from!

anyway, see, here.

mom’s matter because

they’re the ones standing on the sidelines, cheering you on, helping you to start to move, encouraging you, crying while they send you off, and reminding you that even though you may be in a season that feels like you’re just spinning your wheels…

you’re still moving forward

toward that next adventure

ht: the gypsy mama

4 thoughts on “moms matter because…

  1. “Even though you’re in a season that feels like you’re just spinning your wheels – you’re still moving forward.”

    Wonderful image. Strange how easy it is to see my relationship with my kids like that, but how often I forget to see hope in my own wheel spinning moments.

    Thank you for this beautiful perspective!


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