…for real friday with a random question

so, now it’s REALLY friday. yeah…i guess i’ve been wanting friday all week especially since i posted yesterday with a title saying that it was friday….:)

random question for the day from The Book of Questions: do you feel you have much impact on the lives of people you come in contact with? can you think of someone who, over a short period of time, significantly influenced your life?

my answer:

sometimes i feel like i do. i like to think that even if i don’t see the impact that there is still an impact.

as for someone, yes.  though, the sad part is that I don’t remember their names. but i do remember them and i am mindful of them still. we met them doing relationship evangelism and learned about how one their mom’s was very sick…and by the next day she died. these little ones feeding each other, loving each other and just being little kids without a care in the world changed me…and are still changing me and significantly influencing the way that i see life and are part of that vision He’s refining…