8,000 Steps

I walked 8,000 steps for Autism Awareness on Saturday.

“Individuals on the ASD have the ability to impact everyone who they come across in their life; and will leave a mark in your heart” –Autism Walk

Since returning from Africa, I’ve been able to be a substitute in the school district.  Months ago, my day started like any other.  Showing up at a local elementary school not knowing exactly what I would be doing for the day–the joys of being a sub!

I signed in at the office and before long I was off and running. I learned so much in the span of 5 or 6 hours.  I left feeling exhausted, but so full. I wanted a second chance.  I saw so many little things I could do better. My heart falls hard and fast for little ones.  Yet, I knew little to nothing about autism and how it affects some of their lives.  I didn’t know that one in every 110 kids are diagnosed with it.  Or that one in every 70 boys are diagnosed.  Not to mention that we don’t know the cause.

So, I walked because they left a mark on my heart.

A big one.


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