a dying of dreams to fully surrender

last week…i closed doors, a dying of dreams in order to fully surrender and follow whatever God has for me and whenever and however that looks like…because “abundantly beyond all that I can ask for or imagine” would look different and in doing so, i said a big YES to Him.

i put into words, made it real, wrote it out, that right now He is leading me on a new path, a new adventure that steers away from a ministry i love for the near future. and that hurts, but He is faithful and with that comes peace.

and as usual, a song played on repeat because every time i heard the song, i smiled, took heart, and found JOY for the ways it fit my heart:

free. victorious. flooded with healing. met by my savior. loved. his. overwhelmed. hopeful. sealed by grace. sustained. stirred by passion. alive. broken. surrendered. forever changed.

“mercy rushes through my soul

bowing low as you wash me with healing

lord you sealed me with grace

life eternally sustained

by the hope in my soul you’re revealing

lord, you meet me here in my darkest hour

and you stir my heart with your love

forever I am changed by mercy

forever my heart is alive

forever I am yours my Savior

forever my hope is Christ

the power of sin is broken

I have been set free

for I have died and Jesus is alive in me”

any songs hitting your heart lately?

2 thoughts on “a dying of dreams to fully surrender

  1. =) i’m excited to see where God is taking you!
    we sang the revelation song last night @ prayer group and it just gave my heart chills to hear so many voices praising our God!

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