I’m Learning

I’m learning that sometimes I need to stay up late because God wants me to take care of things rather than let them “brew.”

I’m learning that sometimes friendships grow stronger with distance.

I’m learning about how I need to temper my soft loving heart with clear truth.

I’m learning to see closing doors as opportunities to move forward.

I’m learning that often things look different than I think or “plan”  or dream because with Him that whole “abundantly beyond all that you can ask or imagine” would look different!

I’m learning that His perfect love casts out fear and ushers in peace

I’m learning to fall forward

I’m learning to fear God more than man

What are you learning?

6 thoughts on “I’m Learning

  1. I’m learning that I am absolutely, always and completely dependent on God alone.

    I am learning that things don’t go the way you planned, that’s why you improvise.

    I am learning that moving on can hurt more than death.

    I am learning that relationships are built in understanding and strengthened in trial.

    I LOVE you Katy!!! This is awesome! Thanks for being raw and real. Its refreshing!

  2. “i’m learning to fall forward” … love that one. bravo!

    i’m learning you can never have too many friendships. God knows who you need and when you need them.

    i’m learning i can trust my Father

    i’m learning I’m not as hopeless as I thought. I am loveable.

    • you are SO loveable! and the friendship one is a good one to learn…along with that i’m learning that it’s okay to be at different levels of friendships and to not try to be best friends with everyone

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