Changing What If to I Will

Here’s the tale of a “What If” turned to “I Will”:

The setting: sitting on the couch with a friend reading blog posts. –yes, we are that awesome. slash, my friends love me even if some don’t always understand the “blogosphere” where I like to play.

The conversation: cue excited Katy (me) trying to convince said friend that the “what if” challenge posted by the Faith Barista is fabulous and we need to go get paper and pens right now. because things like this can’t wait.

The response: a very poorly received explanation/question of whether “what if” really is a disguise for regrets and negativity. to which I became defensive and sad because this, may I remind you, is a fabulous challenge that to me represents: dreaming, new chances, action, motivation.

The come together: further conversation and exchange of ideas and thoughts while notching down my own fierce loyalty defense to realizing that we really do agree, but simply use different terms.  a little searching and throw in a mix of clarity and bam, we decide we like saying “I will” instead because then we steer clear of the backward, regret thinking toward the hopeful, action.

The list: I will get a church membership form and fill it out.

The action: that lovely friend from above reminds me at church on sunday and even helps gets me one.  I then proceed to pour over each and every question.  I retake the DISC test because I don’t remember if I am an S or a C or what I am!  I’m an S.  And while I’m at it, I take a spiritual gifts test because well why not.  My “top” gifts include teaching, faith, intercession, and mercy.  All of this to mean that I took a few days to fill out a one page front and back form.

The next step: Turn that form in at church!

The lessons learned: Communication is key. Take time to listen, not jump to offense, and sometimes it’s just a matter of phrasing.  I don’t want to look back and play the “what if…” game, but I do want to move forward with action.  Too often, I think it’s easy to let words stay as words…rather than action!

So, how about you? Anything you need to take some action? Got an “I will?”

19 thoughts on “Changing What If to I Will

  1. Love your spin on turning What If’s to I Will. I felt the same way. I thought at first that it was going to be dwelling on past decisions and regrets, but it actually turned out to be enlightening and very positive.

    • glad you kept away from those regrets!! because as Kim Walker says, “I don’t have time to maintain these regrets” 🙂

  2. I never thought of “What if” that way. It’s interesting how people can view things differently. I saw it as a challenge. 🙂 I really enjoyed seeing how you took it & used it to spur yourself to action! I’m gonna have to check out the DISC test.

    • I know! I’m with you and didn’t see it that way until it was pointed out to me 🙂 And definitely take the DISC test–I thought it was pretty interesting!

  3. Yes! I WILL! There seems to be a common thread among many of us today… that what if’s are necessary, beautiful expressions of hope. And “I will’s”? Well, those are sheer power! 🙂

    • I’m glad she did too! And I’m excited to see what comes from that form as well–God’s got some exciting things ahead 🙂

  4. Katy…! I read this earlier this am.. and it was so dramatic… I felt like I was there, a fly on the wall… 🙂

    If you get a chance, hop over to Glynn’s post today. Glynn does a great job of differentiating what if’s from what-might-have-been.

    And your post does, too! I like the “I Will” !… So creative! And so exciting… opens up all the good stuff you talked aboutl

    I am so happy you added your post to the jam session, because it’s giving us so many different stimulation points about growth.

    I also learned that you are an S.. and I don’t know what I am — I never took the DISC test.. I love personality tests… Now, I have another one to add to the list.. 🙂

    • Ah, thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it! Definitely not what I was thinking about writing, but God sure has a way of showing up and opening some new thoughts.

      And definitely take the DISC test–I love finding out mine and other people’s too! So interesting how God makes us all so unique!

      Thanks again for putting on the jam…I’ve loved the jam session and am looking forward to the next!

  5. I love your “I WILL” instead of “what if.” It’s too easy to push a “what if” onto the back burner…”I WILL” demands action. (And apparently, so does your friend! Love that! 🙂 )

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