Finding Joy…

i like drawing hearts in my bible over certain words…like love and heart.

it makes me smile.

i also use happy pictures as bookmarks like this girly:

sometimes it’s just the little things that bring joy.

do you write in your bible or other books?

what little thing(s) made you smile this week?


7 thoughts on “Finding Joy…

  1. you’re so great! i still usually try to underline in pencil because i don’t want my bible to look sloppy (lame i know).

    something that made me happy this week? i made connor smile! just for like a second, but still. connor is 14 and very quiet and really only talks to me when he has too…so yes, this is progress!!

    • I used to absolutely refuse to write *anything* in my bible and even for a while I had a bible I wrote some things in and one that didn’t…but then i started using colors and now it’s like covered!!

      that is progress for a 14 year old who is quiet!!! woot πŸ™‚

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