A Heart to Heart to Remember

How often they rebelled against Him in the wilderness

and grieved Him in the desert!

Again and again they tempted God,

and pained the Holy One of Israel

They did not remember His power,

Psalm 78:40-42

How often do I grieve God with my actions? How often do I pain Him? Do I even notice? Or do I let the moment fall into a sin that goes unrecognized?

Oftentimes, I know when I am in the wrong. When I throw a short comment back at someone because of my lack of patience. Or when I find myself laughing at something inappropriate.

But, I wonder. How am I being deceived? Do I miss those hurting moments? Do I miss the pain I cause Him?

That’s when I remember that I need to continually run to Him and ask Him to search my heart. He knows. He sees. Yet, He is the one who is transforming me, making me new.

So, let’s take a little time and have a little chat with Him.

A little heart to heart.

About what’s really in our hearts.

What needs to go.

What needs to come in like a rushing flood.

And time to remember.

To remember His…