A Day Without Shoes

Last year, I saw the bare feet first hand. I held the hands of those kids that walked miles without shoes.  I played with them at the park.  I bought shoes for a little kiddo that stole my heart.

Before that…I’m sure I knew about the kids without shoes.  I mean who hasn’t seen those commercials that talk about poverty?  But, I didn’t act.

This year, I’m going barefoot. Yes, I love being barefoot, but I have a choice. My closet holds more shoes than I wear.  I can go to Target and buy a pair. I have money in the bank.  Today, instead of picking out a pair to wear, I’m going to leave my feet uncovered, unprotected for part of the day.

Because those kids…they matter…

They’re why I bought these.

They’re why I went here.

They’re who I still hold in my heart.

So, what about you? Are you going barefoot? Are you going to buy a pair of TOMS? Are you going to DO Something?