Heart Words

Putting off the old…

I am complete when I am loved.

I am complete when I am in a relationship.

I am complete when I am successful.

I am complete when I am in control.

Putting on the new…

I am complete in Christ.

I am complete in Christ.

I am complete in Christ.

I am complete in Christ.

I knew all the words. I read them all. I knew God in a certain way. But I didn’t let them invade my heart in such a overwhelming, catch my breath kind of way.  So, I kept searching. I kept trying to fill up my cup in ways outside of running to God…

I ran to boys.

I ran to learning and studying harder.

I ran to works and trying to be good enough.

But then, my world turned upside down and I got a slap in the face with some tough love truth.  Finally, I began to see that I WAS in a hole. That life with God WAS supposed to look differently. That trying to fill up my cup with all these other things won’t ever satisfy…I’ll be wanting more and more…compromising more and more to try to reach those empty places.

Because you know what? He really does meet ALL my needs if I let Him.  Even those needs that don’t seem like they can be met.  He showers me with love from a sloppy wet kiss to a reunion to simply letting me know He’s madly in love with me.

And now that…that changes me. I can freely love without needing the other person to try to fill me up–not that they could anyway.

Yes, I’m still stripping off the old habits, patterns, comforts…but He’s leading me on with love to show me that those are not just words in a book…

They are…truth.

Now the question for me is…do I just know the words or have the words sunk into my heart to where they change me?

I’ve experienced His love in new ways because I let the words take away my breath and allowed Him to show me…how He loves me. But He doesn’t want to stop at those words…He wants to keep on keeping on in this journey…

My newest word that I’m letting get into my heart:


What words do you “know” but haven’t let into your heart?

*prompted to serve up a shot of faith by the Faith Barista

16 thoughts on “Heart Words

  1. I am complete when I win.

    I am complete when uncriticised.

    I am complete when …

    Oh, how many more could be added!!

    And what a load of balderdash!!

    We know it isn’t true and yet it’s our default. We keep going back there.

    But “if any be in Christ, he is a new creation/creature – old things are passed away, BEHOLD, all things are become new”!


  2. It takes some growing to understand that we are gatekeepers to our hearts… shielding ourselves to the point that we shut out something as essential to life as truth. How beautiful the revelations when we open the floodgate! Thanks for reminding us that our hearts must first be open.

    • I agree! it’s so beautiful when we realize that we can open the floodgate and that there is a different way to live!

  3. mmmm, i’m so proud of you, because I know that couldn’t have been easy to work through. The word I’m trying to let into my heart? Beautiful. To really believe He sees me that way.

  4. This was such a beautiful post. So real and so now.

    I love that.

    I agree w/ Kylee. It took courage to walk through all you did.

    I’m also with you in the wanting to continue walking and letting God touch me NEW.

    My word is JOY.

    So happy this post is a part of the Faith Barista Jam today. Thnk you.

  5. You are much blessed by God, our Creator, who loves you abundantly and richly. “Long ago, before he made the world, God chose us to be his very own, through what Christ would do for us; he decided then to make us holy in his sight — without a single fault — we who stand before him covered with his love.” (Eph. 1:4, TLB)

  6. God delights in me! That’s so hard for me to believe. I can believe that He loves me because He has to — He’s God, you know? He does what is right. But DELIGHTS in me? Wow! But that’s what His Word tells us in Zephaniah. I shared it this week on my blog because I’m still trying to grasp it!

    Beautiful thoughts you had. I can’t wait to see more. (I saw your link at (in)courage)

    • So glad you stopped by and that you’re trying to grasp it–because even when I get just a little glimpse of it I’m in AWE! Funny, how easy it is to take some of His words for truth and then “ignore” others for a while. I know that I did that for FAR too long!

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