face to face

“Thus the LORD used to speak to Moses face to face, just as a man speaks to his friend.” Exodus 33:11

The last few days, I’ve been craving some face time with God.  Sometimes I just need to get away and soak Him up.  Fall in love all over again by discovering new things, learning more, and spending some quality time while letting Him woo me all over with His words. (Can you tell I’m a words of affirmation girl with a mix of quality time and then throw in gifts after that?)

Between work and life, I thought I wasn’t going to get this time until later in the week, but God surprised me last night.  I went to a night of prayer and worship focused on healing (specifically for a family at church–which by the way–if you could join in prayer for them that would be awesome!).  I walked away being refreshed and so confident. Confident that God is who He says He is. That I am who He says I am. That to be holy…to be set apart…means not devaluing yourself or others. Because, you know what? We are children of God whose bodies are a temple for the Holy Spirit.  And in the depths of Your LOVE we find peace makes us whole. So, I’m running after His peace and letting go.

Have you spent some time face time with God lately? What’s He speaking to your heart?

oh contradictions

i hate being cold and  yet wear things that make me cold a lot…like dresses, flip flops, capris, bermuda shorts, and the like.

i absolutely love getting up early and yet i love staying up late to capture those silent moments both early and late

i can never figure out if i wear sporty clothes or girly or how it works to be both at the same time.

i love big earrings with sporty clothes

i love having a big bed, but then i just fill it up with all sorts of things (books, mittens, perfume, purses, bags, shoes, hats, scarves are a few of the things on it right now) and love curling up where I can…it feels more cozy

i love sunglasses but mostly just wear them on my head

i don’t like making a big deal about my birthday, but man if someone remembers or goes out of the way I feel so loved

i absolutely am a grammar person yet sometimes i see so much character in not using it that i allow it… like this post.

i love repeating songs but so want new music all the time

i write things down to remember them and look back and yet i just let them sit there unopened too often but it’s the writing it down in case part that matters

i err on the side of i might want that even though i do not like having a lot of stuff

I am not really a touchy/feely person but i absolutely LOVE  a good hug

i soar with words of affirmation, but don’t know how to take a compliment

i am indecisive yet i definitely know what i like and what i don’t like

i beat around the bush but prefer to just say it as it is

i don’t typically see in pictures, but often when shopping i know what i want, but i just can’t find it

i point out all the potentials and yet many things i err on the side of black and white

i am fascinated by myers briggs and strengthsfinder and yet i love getting out of the box myself and hate putting people in them

i love schedules yet hate them because of the pressure to finish

spontaneous adventures make me feel irresponsible, but so alive

i love starting new things, but the feeling of ending a book or a project gives me such a sense of loss

i try to make a room look “grown-up” but then end up adding pictures, quotes, and bible verses everywhere

i am a new creation and i am a work in progress.

i love the contradictions that i see because they make up me, but they confuse me.

so there are a few of my contradictions…oh, yes, there are more i’m sure.

do you find yourself living in any “contradictions”?

Exciting or Scary?

“If I was saved by my good works then there would be a limit to what God could ask of me or put me through. I would be like a taxpayer with “rights”—I would have done my duty and now I would deserve a certain quality of life. But if I am a sinner saved by sheer grace—then there’s nothing he cannot ask of me.” -Timothy Keller

Some of the best conversations happen in the kitchen.  The food, the table, sitting on the counters, the coffee, and just the atmosphere holds me close.  I feel a little more me, a little more safe.  I love that at my church (yes, it’s “home” now and I possessively put that “my” on it) many bible studies happen in the kitchen.  Last week, that quote stuck to the bottom of my rain boots and came home to be turned over in my head.

We briefly shared our thoughts on the quote and most of them came across to me as “wow, that’s scary/ a lot to ask.”  I don’t know if I happened to be extra positive and upbeat, but this quote made me…


The idea that God can ask me whatever coupled with the truth that nothing is impossible with God causes my eyes to go wide in wonder.  I’m no longer bound to a heavy book full of my plans dragging me down.  I no longer need to be constricted or feel the weight of “I have to.”  No! This tangible grace frees me.  I am free to do ANYTHING that He asks me moment by moment. I surrender, I let go. I fling myself with reckless, joyful abandonment…into whatever He asks even if there are a few tumbles along the way…

Lost in the Moment of Joy

This past week…I accumulated so many stories. Life happened. Memories made. I found myself so engaged and present in each moment that I got lost.  The lines between work and play blurred to a faded haze.  Sifting through my list showed me that so many moments slipped through the cracks of being written down because at the end of the day I fell into bed full.  And I’m more than okay with that because life shared happened….

711. Getting my TOMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

714. making it through the day

721. tigger

729. asking “if you had only one thing you could tell me what would it be?”

738. splashing in puddles in my new rain boots on a walk in the rain

756. crying over a song and africa

761. learning a bit of sign language

770. telling stories, getting excited and realizing all the moments that really did bring me joy

773. seeing firsthand god working some of my ALL things out for good

And now…how was your week? Slow? Fast? Blurry? Answer to number 729?

Playing in the Puddles

Are you ready for a triple shot of real? If not, then skip ahead to the weekend and come back after I’m done playing in the puddles…

Sometimes life feels like one big puddle where you start splashing around only to realize that the water’s gone up and over your boots.  That feeling? Not so pleasant.  For me, rejection sometimes feels like that.  I’m running along, playing, laughing, enjoying, only to be suddenly struck with some cold, wet reality.

In my first year of college, I found my boots flooded with dirty water.  I skated through first semester: made friends, studied extra hard, even met a boy. Come January, I found myself participating in rush. Why? Good question. I’m not a sorority girl and I knew that. But that was the thing to do on a campus with probably 90% of the students in a sorority or fraternity. So, I followed suit. Problem number one…

The thing that they never tell you is that some girls…don’t make the cut. I was one of those. After parading around campus going to the different houses for little get to know you parties, each house makes a list of those they ask back. These girls I didn’t know. These girls I met for one night. Slashed my name off the list of “wanted.” And, yeah, those cold waters pierced my skin in a not so pleasant way.

Except, the amazing part? God turns things around. I can still feel the sunshine, the crunch of grass beneath a blanket covered in books and my pink Bible laid open.  See, I used all this extra time to soak up and wrestle with God instead of running around with a sorority. He brought me  further along in the journey of learning how to turn toward Him instead of clutching some of my idols (success, money, my plans). He started me on a continual journey of learning to look to Him for who I am rather than what others say because then I can play in the puddles and if the water comes rushing, I will not be shaken.  Because see, He wants me, I’m on His list, and in the end…I am His delight.

Ready to put on your rain boots and go play in some puddles with me?

Because I know that I don’t want to miss out on some fun because of the fear of getting wet…do you?

*prompted to serve up a shot of faith by the Faith Barista 🙂

My Ways or His Ways?

Sometimes I find that my perception of God needs a bit of alteration.  I find that I am not consistent in my thinking or that I bought into something that shouts that I’m stuck on my ways instead of seeing them as His ways.

Example One: I found a prayer in one of my journals that asked God to protect me from deception.  And at first, I was like, uh….what!? where were you God–why didn’t you step in and intervene and save the day? Except, the kicker here is that I wanted Him to intervene so that things would turn out how I wanted them.  He DID protect me by allowing others to step in and walk with me. Things just looked different.

Example Two: I keep wanting to put lists, rules, and lines in areas of my life.  But, then, I’m reminded…He wants me to fall in love with Him in such a way that life no longer feels like a list of do’s and don’ts but a crazy madly love that permeates all that I do to where each and every moment translates into an all relying on Him adventure both with Him and others!

Example Three: I found myself verbalizing frustration over waiting on God’s timing…yeah, sometimes I get frustrated.  But, see, I kept thinking of Him as almost teasing or just not wanting to give me want I want.  Though, really, no! That’s not it at all. He wants to wait to give me that amazing delicious tasting satisfying falafel instead of letting me settle for some not so tasty cheeseburger…

How about you? Do you need to adjust or alter some areas you translate your ways as God’s ways?

right now

i have a hard time asking for help and asking hard questions that i have

i miss community

i see my new toms and that makes my heart happy.

i hear closer to love by mat kearny: “praying Lord come through”

your turn! fill in the blank:

i have a hard time ________

i miss _______

i see ________

i hear_______

Pouring Over The List Of Joy

Hi friends. I found myself talking out loud about joy this last week and…there’s a bit of wonder and a glimpse of God in expressing these little nothings in spoken, real words to someone else.  In the midst of my words, I found I got caught up all over again in the moments. literally lost as if all around me faded until I brought myself back to the conversation. That’s where I find myself when I share them here…pouring over my list, remembering, seeing afresh the ways that God shows up in all things and picking a few to share with you…

562. making happy spaces in nooks and corners

566. laughing at tomtom

572. buying my first pair of TOMS

582. smushing ice down while walking

591. getting teary eyed during UP

617. questions that make me ponder me

629. being a words girl that has to add words to the picture

641. mama buying me rain boots

643. seeing christmas lights on a drive

649. putting my feelings to songs

655. writing in new colors in my bible

678. walks…going on them, remembering them, looking forward to them

703. listening to others share and sharing about what makes each of our faces light up

What about you? I love hearing where you find joy…it adds to the wonder.


Saturday Fun

I love praying randomly like writing words and filling up the entire page, which is probably why I love this idea:

Pray using your computer

Praying in Color

(yeah…I know that picture doesn’t have color, but I LOVE the idea of focusing on the names of God so check out the website for other examples with actual color and then try it out! I know I’m going to try to use a bit more splash in my journal.)