1,000 and Still Counting

Early in the week I reached one thousand gifts!!!  Can I just say that I love doing this? I love seeing the world around me through the eyes of joy.  Choosing joy.  Realizing that moments slow down as my heart fills to soak all the little parts right up. So here goes for a thousand more…

945. getting to do the little things for others

972. a new ringtone to hear

986. honest, raw, real

996. being picked up

1000. being covered in prayer

1025. first bike ride of the season

1044. that moment of sitting in my car with the music up loud before going in somewhere

1054. having everything else be an overflow on top of Christ’s love

1080. having so many moments that I can’t remember them all

1094. feeling absolutely lovely

1105. walks with my mama

What moment did you love about last week? Or…..what’s your favorite African animal? 🙂

7 thoughts on “1,000 and Still Counting

  1. Whooot! Very nice Katy 🙂 My fave part of the week is when i found out Mac (the 8 yr old) told Riley he likes me and he’s glad I’m living with them. I guess it’s because I think he’s funny haha.

  2. Ummm…. I was at a worship service night hosted at an elementary school Friday night…. when a little boy came up to me and asked, “are YOU the PRINCIPAL?” : )

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