A Few of My Happy Places

My bed…so many pillows and blankets and things (usually not this neat, but rather covered with books, bags, mittens, random things).Β it’s one of those places you just sink into, curl up and feel right.

walking on the beach (florida, cape town, anywhere really)

my porch in africa or on one of the mountains and well africa in general

Lindo on my shouldersDriving in a car with big sunglasses on, windows down, music up loud

So, there are a few of my happy places. There are many more…but that’s a start. πŸ™‚

What about you? Where’s your happy place/s? Do you have a favorite place? (I don’t do favorites!).

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11 thoughts on “A Few of My Happy Places

  1. Fun. I see we share a love for pillows and driving around, windows down, music blaring! Yeah!

    One of my many happy places is sitting on some grass, in a park, sun shining down, drinking a Starbucks Frappuchino, chatting with a friend and watching children play. Or lying on a beach with a good book.

    • yes!!! lots and lots of pillows are a must!

      and that happy place sounds fabulous! watching kiddos play is definitely a highlight and good books are always necessary πŸ™‚

  2. it is very important to have a good bed πŸ™‚ and lindo is a cutie. my happy place?? hmmm i like our tv room couch, my bed, and my pimpin blue van (most days!) oh also somewhere outside but not hot lol

    • how is your bed at your new place? and agreed…warm enough but not stifling, can’t move without sweating hot because that’s just too hot πŸ™‚

  3. Ahhhhhh Africa…

    Eastern/central Africa is pulling on our hearts…

    My husband and I are in the midst of planning for long term missions… Uganda? Mozambique? Only He knows.. but our hearts have been there since our short term in Uganda in November/December 2007.

    • Africa sure has its way of squeezing its way into your heart until it’s stolen πŸ™‚
      praying for Him to lead us both back there in His timing and His way!

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