Confession: I tend to be very black and white, all or nothing on some particular things. Yet, I am very see all sides and potentials of a situation while voicing them each. I live in that tension and I’m okay with that…it’s me.  Sometimes this tension makes me stop. pause. for some adjustments. some changes. some prioritization.

As many of you may know, I like to run. a lot. I ran 13 miles last Wednesday and yes, I agree wholeheartedly that doing that is crazy!  I started a training plan without a specific race in mind and more of a way to structure my running, take days off, have a goal.  Not a bad idea at all. But, the thing is…I started letting my structure and running schedule dictate my actions far more than it should.

So, today, I ran with a friend. I usually would have run again to fit in my “scheduled” run, but I drove home instead.

I’m choosing to say no to a schedule so that I can say YES: to God,  to trusting His plan more than my own, to more prayer walks, to remembering that this is NOT failure, believing that I’m not defined by running, to more spontaneous or even planned times with people, and to still running.

Because, really. for me, saying yes to life shared with God and others is worth the adjustment.

4 thoughts on “Adjustment

  1. good job! i’m the exact same way so i totally understand! it’s taken me a while to understand that structure is good but not when it starts to control us!

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