oh contradictions

i hate being cold and  yet wear things that make me cold a lot…like dresses, flip flops, capris, bermuda shorts, and the like.

i absolutely love getting up early and yet i love staying up late to capture those silent moments both early and late

i can never figure out if i wear sporty clothes or girly or how it works to be both at the same time.

i love big earrings with sporty clothes

i love having a big bed, but then i just fill it up with all sorts of things (books, mittens, perfume, purses, bags, shoes, hats, scarves are a few of the things on it right now) and love curling up where I can…it feels more cozy

i love sunglasses but mostly just wear them on my head

i don’t like making a big deal about my birthday, but man if someone remembers or goes out of the way I feel so loved

i absolutely am a grammar person yet sometimes i see so much character in not using it that i allow it… like this post.

i love repeating songs but so want new music all the time

i write things down to remember them and look back and yet i just let them sit there unopened too often but it’s the writing it down in case part that matters

i err on the side of i might want that even though i do not like having a lot of stuff

I am not really a touchy/feely person but i absolutely LOVE  a good hug

i soar with words of affirmation, but don’t know how to take a compliment

i am indecisive yet i definitely know what i like and what i don’t like

i beat around the bush but prefer to just say it as it is

i don’t typically see in pictures, but often when shopping i know what i want, but i just can’t find it

i point out all the potentials and yet many things i err on the side of black and white

i am fascinated by myers briggs and strengthsfinder and yet i love getting out of the box myself and hate putting people in them

i love schedules yet hate them because of the pressure to finish

spontaneous adventures make me feel irresponsible, but so alive

i love starting new things, but the feeling of ending a book or a project gives me such a sense of loss

i try to make a room look “grown-up” but then end up adding pictures, quotes, and bible verses everywhere

i am a new creation and i am a work in progress.

i love the contradictions that i see because they make up me, but they confuse me.

so there are a few of my contradictions…oh, yes, there are more i’m sure.

do you find yourself living in any “contradictions”?