Lost in the Moment of Joy

This past week…I accumulated so many stories. Life happened. Memories made. I found myself so engaged and present in each moment that I got lost.  The lines between work and play blurred to a faded haze.  Sifting through my list showed me that so many moments slipped through the cracks of being written down because at the end of the day I fell into bed full.  And I’m more than okay with that because life shared happened….

711. Getting my TOMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

714. making it through the day

721. tigger

729. asking “if you had only one thing you could tell me what would it be?”

738. splashing in puddles in my new rain boots on a walk in the rain

756. crying over a song and africa

761. learning a bit of sign language

770. telling stories, getting excited and realizing all the moments that really did bring me joy

773. seeing firsthand god working some of my ALL things out for good

And now…how was your week? Slow? Fast? Blurry? Answer to number 729?


4 thoughts on “Lost in the Moment of Joy

  1. my week went fast, especially the weekend. But in a good way! I realized that even if I’m an introvert, people still give me joy 🙂

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