3 thoughts on “ever wonder…

  1. yes, and it bothers me a little. But then God’s timing is often more than a little bothering to me, unfortunately.

    Why? Well, it has often been speculated that He got more glory when Lazarus was raised from the dead than if He had turned up earlier. (As Martha/Mary? pointed out!)

    But that doesn’t satisfy me (any more than someone telling me to suck up whatever I’m upset about because God does whatever brings Him glory!)

    But think about the disciples and what they learned by Jesus waiting – and the watching crowd at the resurrection (or “resurrection”). Hmm, nother thread there.

    Or what about Mary, and Martha (! nother) and Lazarus (!!!!)

    Wow – what heights can be reached by waiting to see what God does. And what lessons for us today when we read the story as it is instead of how we would have done it.

    And then again, I think that’s what “God’s glory” is all about. God’s not bringing glory to Himself simply for His own benefit. God getting glory works better for everyone! If we/they would let it.

    • and that’s when I rest on the His timing is best and He knows so much more than I do that I’m okay just knowing Him…

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