right now

i have a hard time asking for help and asking hard questions that i have

i miss community

i see my new toms and that makes my heart happy.

i hear closer to love by mat kearny: “praying Lord come through”

your turn! fill in the blank:

i have a hard time ________

i miss _______

i see ________

i hear_______

8 thoughts on “right now

  1. i have a hard time prioritizing my needs over other people’s desires.

    i miss an unquestioned sense of belonging.

    i see “my lil teenager” (beautiful 14 yr old K)

    i hear music from her laptop. every other song i have to ask, “who is this again?… ohhhh yeah!”

    • mmm, unquestioned sense of belonging. now that’s part of that community i’m missing…that “home”
      needs over desires….that’s a doozy to think about…
      love that she’s a “k” and that she’s “yours” 🙂

  2. I have a hard time with change… and with making decisions…

    I miss Andrew.

    I see Alece’s statement above and I LOVE it and totally identify with it! (I miss an unquestioned sense of belonging… WHOA)

    I hear volunteers packing food at FMSC and it makes me happy.

    • ha…decisions..you know me and that one!
      praying for you about your i miss
      and the fact that you hear volunteers at fmsc makes me happy as well…i love good organizations that make a difference!

  3. I have a hard time trusting

    I miss my soul friend

    I see connectedness through facebook

    I hear African singing- coming from my hubby’s laptop

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