Running Around

“Authenticity has less to do with what I look like and more to do with what I say and do.” –Sarah

A while back there was thing called “Real Me” running around the “blogosphere.”  I kept intending to participate, but never ended up having a camera after those real me moments. Until tonight…

See, the real me loves to run.  I haven’t always. Back when I played tennis like it was my job, I loathed running.  But then, tennis season ended and I love the feeling of a good workout…

So, on a whim, I picked up running. I hit the pavement searching for cute little neighborhoods and found myself loving the mixture of music, God time, and the feelings afterward (from i hurt to okay I did that!).   Give or take about three years, here I am still running.

Now, as for the picture…I took this little gem right after my 16.1k (or 10 mile) run–sometimes I wonder why I do this to myself…  My legs hurt. I did not smell pretty. I’m pretty sure I had salt on my face. I had just listened to Battlefield on repeat 22 times to remind me to get my armor on (yes…I counted while I ran and I wanted to get my $1.29 worth out of the song I bought in part just for this ridiculously long run and check out Ephesians 6).

I’ve got my cross and heart necklace around my neck (I’ve worn the cross since high school and June gave me the heart last year–yeah…I never take it off…literally).  I have a watch on my right hand (and no, I’m not left handed, I just like that hand better for watches).  I’m wearing flip flops because that’s how I roll even in negative temperatures.

I’m missing my big earrings and sunglasses, but  just imagine they’re there because they normally are.  Oh, and yes, I’m taking a cheesy self-portrait hand out smiling style picture because I like documenting things like this and yes I smile in them…iPhoto has plenty of these stored away.

So, there’s a little glimpse into the real me. I’ll try to share more as these moments pop up, but I’ve written more than enough me…tell me something about the “real you” because I so would love hearing from you!!! (and yes, I use multiple exclamation points or question marks to emphasize that I really do want to know..I do) 🙂

8 thoughts on “Running Around

  1. The real me hates running – or any other physical exersion. But when I do, I give it my all. I work in a job where lifting is required and I regularly get sweaty assembling stuff. I tend to go to the limit of my abilities and try to drag those around me with me.

    However, I am also a planner and don’t jump in until I’ve given (what I think is) an appropriate amount of thought.

    When it comes to sports, I tend to be a bit psycho and generally don’t engage in sporting activities.

    I don’t think of the “armour” as something to be put on, but as something that needs to be checked. As a Christian I’m convinced God put the armour on me when I gave myself to him (kinda like God clothing Adam and Eve) and I’ll never not have it on, I just may not be wearing it very well. So it needs to be checked. I like how it starts with truth – so foundational. Without truth, what do we have?

    And I love how every bit of the armour is Jesus Christ!! Truth, righteousness, salvation, the Word, the Gospel, faith. Another reason why I think we don’t so much put it on as check how well we’re wearing it.

    I hope that gives you a little insight into the “real me”!

    And I look forward to you finding my reply to our earlier convo and my question(s) on “work” – Philippians 2:12-13.

    • Thanks for sharing! and the armor thing has me doing some thinking and chatting it over with God…I’ll get back to you on that one! and I’m still pondering the philippians one too 🙂 I tend to chew slowly!

  2. I loved this post- and you know what I love more? Getting to know real you… it seems like we’ve come so far and yet I have this suspicion, we’ve only just begun!

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