If you happened to stop by last Friday, you’ll remember that I wrote about some God-sized dreaming and a challenge to step out on a journey.  I’m still plodding along and letting God use each day as a way to get to know myself and Him.  Today’s post talked about strengths.  Ohhhh, yes, some of us cringe at the thought of revealing those at risk of sounding…prideful.  Myself included. I don’t like to run around spouting off my strengths. Before going there, read yesterday’s post and then take a look at this:

Strength: a personal characteristic that can be used on behalf of God in service to others.

and then this:

Service – Does it help me serve God and others?

Time – Has it been present throughout much of my life?

Relationships – Do others see this?

Energy – Do I feel energized when I’m living this way?

Natural – Does this come naturally to me most of the time? OR do I know God has intentionally developed this in me even though it doesn’t?

Glory – Does God ultimately get the glory from it?

Trials – Even in hard times, does it usually come through somehow?

Heart – Does this really feel like a core part of who I am?

Takes on a fresh, new feeling doesn’t it? Because, really, God designed us in unique, strong ways so that we can fulfill His purposes. Check out the post for a list of strengths and take a minute to reflect with God on your own.

As for me…some of my strengths include thoughtful, calm, and hardworking.

What about you?

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