9 thoughts on “Question.

  1. It is incredible. I especially recommend it to “church babies” – people like me who have grown up in the church. It shows you how to own your faith. This happened for me through a totally different situation than the one Packiam describes – mine was the death of an infant daughter and the severe illness of her twin sister – but the end result is the same. Something, sometime is going to shake you to the core – and what happens to you then? Highly recommended!

    • thank you for being transparent and real. those situations definitely do shake us to the core and leave us speechless–especially when coming up against and hearing about others’ experiences as well.

  2. To put it simply, this book has changed my life and my relationship with God. My story is similar to Glenn’s, (grown up in the church, worship pastor, worship recording artist, part of a large vibrant church), and I found myself in tears many times as I identified with the words and sentiments expressed on the pages.

    Raw, real, honest, powerful. All the pastors in my church are now studying this book at our weekly pastors meeting.

  3. Thanks for the great comments everyone!! I’m looking forward to form my own opinion about the book after I’ve finished–I definitely have had my own “what the heck” moments

  4. I have not heard of it or read it.

    But after Felicity’s comment I’m wondering if I should read it. I’ll put in on the list right after The Problem With Pain, C S Lewis.

    I am feeling rocked and the catch phrases that people throw around are not helping at ALL!!

    • I know what you mean about those catch phrases…sometimes they feel so…flat. So far, I’m liking the book–a nice mixture between standing firm on God’s word and being real rather than hiding behind some of those catch phrase “happy” equations. We’ll see how the rest of the book goes.

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