8 thoughts on “Talked about this over chipotle lunch…

  1. You can never go wrong with Lewis. Did you know that he had a hard time with this statement after his wife died? He is on record as having said he never really understood it before he experienced the kind of loss that makes you want to curl up and die inside. Fascinating to hear him move from the intellectual to the emotional in his spiritual journey.

    • That does sound absolutely fascinating….is it in a specific book or article that he writes about that? I would love to read it as I definitely had my own move from intellectual to emotional/relational in my journey and probably will have more of those!

    • Not sure exactly where C.S. Lewis wrote it/said it, but it’s from him 🙂
      What’s he shouting at you these days??
      praying for you…

      • I’m really not sure. How would I know what He’s saying?

        BTW, a friend says that this quote i’s from The Problem with Pain. I dont think I have that one, I’ll have to go look it up.

        • mmm, good question. sometimes it’s hard to hear Him clearly. keep listening.
          as for the book–good to know–I haven’t read that one either. I’ll add it to my ever growing list.

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