God-Sized Dreaming

This little journey all started with this post:

“Because with God, dreaming is different. It’s not pie-in-the-sky, pony-for-Christmas, be-a-princess-when-I-grow-up dreaming.

No, dreaming with Him is very much about reality.

All things are possible with God. Mark 10:27″

and then continued with this challenge:

“Because as I consider the story of our lives, here’s what I’ve come to believe…

Jesus is the author (Hebrews 12:2) but He has given each of us a pen.”

So…I’m forging ahead and discovering some of the God-sized dreams God wants me to step out into and to just dream with Him.  Want to join? I’d love to hear your story and what God reveals to you through this!

5 thoughts on “God-Sized Dreaming

  1. Hi there just wanted to say hi – as it seems we are travel “companions” on this journey/21 day challenge. I look forward to reading more of the “rough draft of the rest of your story” as details become available 🙂

    Your blog kept my attention because of all the references to Africa. My girls & I are going to West Africa in the Spring! I haven’t blogged much about it all – and not at all recently – but I plan to soon – as we just purchased our tickets.

    • How exciting!! I’m looking forward to the posts that you’ll write and all that God has planned for you in the trip! Can’t wait to hear more! Glad you’re joining the challenge as well 🙂

  2. Hi Katy, thanks for reading my comment and dropping by my blog and asking about e-mentoring. I’ve replied you on my blog but thought I should leave a note here too! 🙂

    You can get more info on e-mentoring at this blog I wrote http://ementors.crusade.sg/ or from Global Media Outreach at http://www.globalmediaoutreach.com/

    I’m quite new to blogging or have recently “re-started”… with help from Holley’s 21 day challenge. I see these “snapshots” on your blog. I’d like to use them too on mine. Got to ask my IT staff… my blog’s under a wordpress multi-user system.

    You seem to be preparing for work in Africa. Tell me more!

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