Counting it All Joy From Mittens to Haiku

61. writing in my Bible

65. happy purses

66. bible study ladies

67. prayer: being able to ask for it, praying for others

78. Hope House name tag found in my Bible

79. carrying keys in my mittens

83. giving away homemade mugs

86. writing late at night

91. haiku poetry

95. personal bests at running

What about you? What gift did you find this week? What brought you joy? What did you find beautiful? Take a look around this week…and count it all joy with me!


Gratitude Community

3 thoughts on “Counting it All Joy From Mittens to Haiku

  1. Definitely the haiku was a moment of joy and surprise this week for me, too!

    And thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving your kind words. I am definitely feeling a renewed sense of purpose.

    And way to go with your running personal bests this week! 🙂

    • Renewed sense of purpose–perfect way to describe that feeling! so glad you’re feeling that!
      Nice to see you stopping by again as well 🙂

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