Battlefield of the Mind

Quotes from the book Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer I’m currently reading:

“Any time we see what the Word says and refuse to do it, reasoning has somehow gotten involved and deceived us into believing something other than the truth”
“James 1:5-8—To me the man of two minds is a picture of confusion as he goes back and forth, back and forth, never deciding on anything. As soon as he thinks he has made a decision here comes wondering, doubt and confusion to get him operating once again in two minds. He is uncertain about everything. ”
“Wondering leaves a person in indecision, and indecision causes confusion. Wondering, indecision and confusion prevent an individual from receiving from God, by faith, the answer to his prayer or need.”

My response: “Whoa….this book is totally kicking me and asking me to face some tough love for some big time God transformation in my mind.”

Your response? Have you read the book? Do you see your mind as a battlefield? Anything up above resonate with you? I’d love to know…

8 thoughts on “Battlefield of the Mind

  1. Boy, do I need to read that book. I absolutely, whole heartedly believe in the battlefield of the mind. I’ve had the book for several months but haven’t read it yet. You just moved it up my reading list several notches.

    • Love to hear what you think when you read it! I’m still plugging through and there is just more good stuff….kicking me right along in this battle!

  2. Hey, I found saw your site on Pete Wilson’s 31 Days Challenge blog post. Anyway, cool post on the book. I’m always struggling with indecisiveness, but after reading the James verse I realize I have some trusting to do.

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