Sometimes I Need Reminding That…

He: loves, provides, protects, guides, guards, holds, shepherds, showers me with abundance, gives, fights, pursues, cares, doesn’t give up, runs to me, does the impossible, shows up, makes a way, doesn’t hold love back, wants me, talks to me, laughs with me, never leaves, just is with me, shows me, breaks me, teaches me, refines me, disciplines, me, rebukes me, restores me, redeems me, saves me.

It’s okay to: hurt, be vulnerable, let God in, dream BIG, let go, look only to Him, be single, love, plan with God, be happy, choose joy, laugh, move on, be free, be ME, cry, ask questions, lay it all out on the table, get out of that hole and stay out, not know, take time, be passionate, share, refuse to compromise, hold fast, trust God more than circumstances, stand firm in what He’s told you, believe, hope, expect, pray BIG.


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