Piqued Interest

In catching up on blogs and the luxury of fast internet, here are some of the things that have caught my eye or sparked some interest:

  • I so could go for some Toms for Christmas, but I don’t know which one I like best…any favorites that you have?
  • Lala (yay for streaming with fast internet) is fun to find some new music like Hope Now by Addison Road: “if everything comes down to love then just what am I afraid of? when I call out your name something inside awakes in my soul. how quickly I forget I’m yours. I’m not my own. I been carried by you all my life. Everything rides on hope now, everything rides on faith somehow. when the world has broken me down Your love sets me free. when my life is like a storm rising waters all I want is the shore…you are my shelter from the storm.”
  • Love this quote from the People of the Second Chance blog and love that it challenges me even further to practically live out the change in my life and let it move from my head to my heart: We want to challenge each other to dream about what we do after we’ve messed it all up. We are about admitting our failures authentically, amending our wrongs adequately, and then getting back to work. This is about action steps, practical application, shooting straight and moving forward.
  • Along with that I love this post that reminds me once again that information does not equate transformation.  I can gather all the head knowledge I want, but if it doesn’t bring transformation…then what’s the point? I want “truth to make a SIGNIFICANT difference in my life.”
  • Here are some  related quotes from Figure it Out!: “relying on the REVELATION of God and HIS direction for my life.” and “God always wants us at a point where we are desperate for Him instead of dependant on our system” —-here’s to asking God what He wants for me!
  • This post asks: “What if what He desires of me is willingness?”

willingness to trust Him to fulfill ALL my needs

willingness to wait for His timing

willingness to say “See you in His timing”

willingness to let Him into my heart and be transformed how He wants

willingness to believe in Him even when the world says I’m crazy

willingness to praise Him when I’m teary eyed yet again