I love Africa

Yeah…I love Africa.  I’m heading back to the States today for a season and I’m definitely sporting my new shirt for the plane ride.  Africa, I love you and I’ll see you soon!

His Delight and a Sloppy Wet Kiss

I absolutely love how God surprises me and relentlessly pursues me.

While in Cape Town, I headed out for a morning run without a specific destination.  I didn’t know the area well and figured I would wind my way around the neighborhood for a while.  I ran down one street only to be met with two huge dogs.  (Side bar: I absolutely love big dogs and want a big fluffy white dog some day).  I stopped, stood still, waiting to see what they would do.  Two options: bark and be mean or be happy.  I definitely got some puppy dog loving complete with a “sloppy wet kiss” to remind me that God really can meet all my needs and that He wants to give me beyond what I can ask or imagine.

Fast forward to the morning I leave for the States aka right now.  I set my alarm hoping to wake up for the sunrise.  God nudges me awake about half an hour or forty-five minutes BEFORE my alarm.  Also known as like 4:30am!  Apparently the real sunrise starts then. Groggily, I’m like…what?  Until I see the an absolutely gorgeous horizon filled with pinks and reds and yellows and oranges and swirls and love.  Beckoning me back into His arms and holding me tight as I venture forth into this next season with Him holding fast to me in every moment while I seemingly veer away from my passion and desire to be here in Africa because for such a time He will equip me, dig even deeper roots and love me as beloved, His delight, until He brings me back again because He is my ultimate desire.  Where He leads, I follow.

Africa, you’ve stolen my heart and I’ll see you soon when I come back home with Him.
“In Him is where life begins, truth lives, and freedom reigns…”