Psalm 30:5 “Weeping may last for the night, But a shout of JOY comes in the morning.”

He is all my hope and stay. but this war brings me to my knees.  But where my shepherd leads, where else can I go. Who else fills my cup ’til it overflows.  To the solid rock I fly, though he bids me come and die there’s only ONE.” -There’s Only One (Holy One)

“God’s glory is of the utmost importance to Him and He is willing to withhold things I want if He sees a greater glory for Him and a better good for me coming in a different way.

Why isn’t God answering me…now that’s the wrong question to be asking!  Ask instead how is God answering me.  Seek out and ask God to show you the tons of ways that God is showing up.”

I am thankful for the ways God shows up and how God is BIG

    1. Exposing the darkness with truth in love
    2. Freeing me from my chains and giving me a song to visualize it
    3. Showing me abundant life in Christ
    4. Bringing Lindo back into my life and holding him while I’m gone while giving me peace saying see you in His timing to him
    5. Creating relationships to be vibrant and life-giving–to do life together to the point where i can walk down my stairs crying and just sit for a little while
    6. Bringing me to my knees
    7. Stripping me bare and leaving me raw even when I think there’s nothing left to give Him
    8. Holding me when I’m laying on the floor crying
    9. Telling me: “My delight is in YOU”
    10. Speaking through songs: Madly, How He Loves, Hands of the Healer, Desert Song, Rescue, God of this City, Sweet Forgiveness, Take, There’s Only One and so many more
    11. Having a home to go home to
    12. Breaking my heart for what breaks His
    13. Showering me with love, vision, and passion
    14. Letting me see the bare feet and love them.
    15. Fighting the battle for me
    16. The old is GONE.
    17. I am His beloved.
    18. More than all of these amazing ways that He has showed up in so many BIG ways…I am thankful most of all that I am His and I am enough because He is enough.  I am thankful for all that He has done for me.  I am thankful that my eyes have been opened to the fact that down in the depths of my heart I have one desperately passionate desire…to follow Him forever because nothing else really matters except to love Him and do what He asks.

ht: SheSeeks