Pressing On

Nanowrimo weekly update: I am officially at 6,365 words!!! Still quite a ways to go, but I’m pretty happy with the progress. Not to mention that I’m absolutely loving writing about “God-threads” and fictionizing (yes, I made that word up, but I like it) events from a different perspective.  Here’s to 43,635 words to go!

p.s. I had a fabulous weekend full of worshiping on a mountain, eating pizza with some awesome people, playing spades, going on a walk, laughing, playing with kids at the park, and obviously some writing.  How was your weekend?

4 thoughts on “Pressing On

  1. my weekend was pretty good.. went to april and liv’s housewarming party on friday night since i was starting to feel better where i saw some bethel people i haven’t seen in awhile, slept until 1 yesterday and then jason came over and we read on the porch for awhile and watched mystery science theater 3000, and then i went to church today, and might see mandy and justin later today, if my headache goes away!

    • awww, I miss the porch! Glad you’re putting it to good use. I’ll be praying for you that your headache goes away and say hi to Mandy and Justin if you see them! Love you, friend!

  2. Had a great weekend. Went to Magdalena with Mardo, and I got to visit my favorite kids in El Gorrion. Sunday was lunch with Mardo’s family after church – and lots of rain!!!

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