Move Along

Things move.  People move.  Today, I moved right along into my bed where I promptly slept the day away.  Whereas, my parents moved from devotionals to Hope House planning to LaunchPad.  I tried so hard to feel better (did I mention I have an icky sore throat, headache and just plain feel gross…) by LaunchPad, but instead slept right through lunch to be awoken by a phone call, which sent me back to bed.  Though, all day God reminded me that even though I may be sidelined, He’s in control.  He orchestrates the details and I need to continue to say “yes.”  I need to let Him orchestrate whatever He wants and to let my own agenda fall to the side no longer to be seen.  Even if I may not be part of the front lines some days, I play an irreplaceable role.  My relationships with others can either move backward or forward.  My relationship with Him does the same.  My decisions and steps lead a certain way.  I can run with what He’s set in motion and recognize my dependency on the body of Christ or I can complain and refuse to play my role.  I continually need to decide to move along wherever He calls.  So, are you moving along with Him today?