5 minutes of Fame

I’ve had a few moments stand out where I was the “white girl” or lahgua (not sure on the spelling, but it means white people in Sesotho).  This week we’ve gone to the different schools in Qwa Qwa to perform a skit to promote our after-school discipleship program called LaunchPad.  We usually play some music, sing a song, do the skit, hang out with the kids if time, and hand out fliers to let them know when class starts.  Today, at one of the schools (Nkthosbsi) the kids performed for us and wanted pictures.  Camera phones were everywhere and I swear I haven’t smiled that long in quite a while.  My mouth hurt!  One of the girls stole my heart.  She kept looking at me throughout the time and then pulled me aside to talk.  I asked her what her name was and she said, “Lerato.”  To which I of course was like “No way….that’s my name too!  Well, my Sesotho name.”  She immediately latched onto me and wanted me to come stand by her.   So fitting since our names mean “love.”  Even across so many different barriers, she wanted to know me and yes I’m sure being white had something to do with it, but still.  She touched my heart and I pray that she’ll be going to class so that God can touch hers if he hasn’t already.

ht: Carrie

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