Ambitious and Driven

Ha, so I love taking random little quizzes and things of the like when I see ones that are semi-interesting on Facebook.  I thought this was interesting about my apparently “perfect” match:

Your perfect match is someone who values success, is a natural born leader and constantly works hard to improve themselves and their life. They will deeply appreciate your ability to make them feel special. This type of person loves admiration and your giving, loving and wonderfully kind nature will make you their perfect mate. Your match also enjoys biking, hiking, working out and eating healthy–taking care of their body is a priority to them and they always look their best.This person will always protect you and keep your best interests at heart– they really want to go the extra mile to make you happy. The top traits they are looking for in a mate is loyalty and trustworthiness.They love a good challenge and are visionaries. This can hinder them when falling in love because they are very driven to find “the one” and won’t settle for less. However, once they fall in love with you, they will be very affectionate and are enthusiastic about the relationship.

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