Girl Talk Equations

Monday nights=girl talk

Girl talk=talking about all things girly including the book What Happens When Women Say Yes to God by Lysa Terkeurst

The book=some interesting quotes

Some interesting quotes=p. 68

p. 68=”It would surely be wonderful if life was so prettily packaged wouldn’t it? Every time we had trouble in our life, we could then see the good that came out of it. Oh, for sure, there are plenty of times where we clearly see the hand of God in difficult circumstances.  We look back and marvel at how God brought great things out of challenging situations.  But there are plenty of times when God, in His own sovereignty, does not open our eyes to what He is doing. He wants us to trust Him, no matter what is happening.

That quote=underlining in the book

Underlining=I can resonate with this thought

Resonating=I still can look back and have YET to see the good that comes out of certain situations.

Yet=knowing that God is still God and that I am learning ever yet to trust Him no matter what is happening.

Snow!? In Africa? Pictures to Prove It

snowLet it Snow. Let it Snow.

aka I need to move. I need to move.

Somewhere warmer!

I am such a wimp when dealing with the cold.

Though, I will admit that I love seeing the first snow.

I think I just like to visit the snow for a little while and then leave.

Because I hate the slush, mud and the way your pants get wet at the bottom.

So, what about you? Do you like the cold? Oh and where should I move next as long as I’m asking.